Moore Family

Connor Moore’s family came to Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital for a second opinion. He was having seizures every 5-7 days. For a child who values his alone time, seizures took away his independence. Connor couldn’t play with his Legos in his room or jump on the trampoline without someone watching his every move.

When evaluating hospitals, the pediatric epilepsy specialists and FedExFamilyHouse made Le Bonheur the top choice. At Le Bonheur, the Moores found cutting-edge brain mapping technology provided by donors and a medical team that wouldn’t give up. “We trusted Le Bonheur that things would get better,” Connor’s mom, Lindsey, said. FedExFamilyHouse is an added blessing on top of outstanding medical care, Lindsey says.“We’ve come in after traveling five hours and there would be people cooking dinner for us. It is a warm, welcoming place to go if we can’t be home,” she said.

Connor, 10, had brain surgery last year and after a few medication changes, his family celebrated 302 days without a seizure this fall.