Living Rooms

We want FedExFamilyHouse to be your home away from home during your stay with us. If you’re tired of being in your suite and are looking for a place to visit with friends and family members, our living rooms are available for your use any time of day or night.

With multiple common spaces throughout FedExFamilyHouse, we want you to be able to enjoy time with family as well as meet the other families who are staying with us. Our common areas have comfy sofas and chairs to relax in, as well as, fireplaces to gather around.

Living rooms are available in multiple areas on our main floor. We also have living rooms on each floor of FedExFamilyHouse for your use. The living rooms on each floor include comfortable seating as well as a TV to watch and unwind.

My mom and dad stayed with Payton down in the Intensive Care Unit, and my husband and I went to FedExFamilyHouse so we could get a good night’s sleep, take a hot shower, get something good to eat, and just take some rest away from the stress a little bit.

- Stephanie Stanley