Dalton Family

Charlotte Dalton was 6 months old when she had her first seizure. It lasted one hour – the scariest hour of her parents’ life.

When their local hospital told them the specialist they needed to see had a 10‐month wait, the Daltons looked into other options. That’s when they found Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital, where they received Charlotte’s diagnosis – Dravet syndrome, a rare and complex genetic disorder.

The Dalton family continues to see specialists at Le Bonheur every three months for Charlotte’s condition. Le Bonheur is three and half hours from home, but FedExFamilyHouse makes their visit easier.

“There are so many things that families like ours have to worry about – doctor’s appointments, medications and therapy. Thanks to FedExFamilyHouse, we don’t worry about where we’re going to stay when we go to Le Bonheur,” said mom, Gena. “FedExFamilyHouse is truly a home away from home for us. We can rest after a long trip. There are always snacks like homemade cookies. The staff and the volunteers treat us like family.”