Advisory Council

We are grateful for the leaders who volunteer their time to provide hands-on fundraising strategy and support to the house.

FedExFamilyHouse Advisory Council

A dedicated team of executives and professionals managing and championing fundraising special events and grassroots level initiatives (alphabetical order):

Ken Frith, Advisory Council Chairman, Senior Vice President, FedEx Freight Direct and International

Chris BrandonLegal Advisor, Attorney, FedEx Corporation 

Katie BurnetteGrassroots Fundraising, Senior Business Systems Analyst, FedEx Services

Doug ClavierGrassroots Fundraising, Director District Operations, FedEx Freight

Edwin ColemanGala Production Lead and Chair Emeritus; Communications Lead, Program Manager, FedEx Workforce Communications

Mechell Cole, Executive Assistant, FedEx Employees Credit Association

Randy DiGirolamoFEFH Golf Tournament Committee, Director, FedEx Express Air Operations

Marcus Grandberry, FEFH Run Sponsorships Chair, E-Commerce Client Manager, FedEx Cross Border

Rebecca Jones, Director, FedEx IT Services

Melinda KeathleyGala Communication Lead and Chair Emeritus, Human Resources Advisor, FedEx Services

Sandra Lewis, FedExFamilyHouse, Relationship Manager, Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital

Beverly MichalekPresident, FedEx Pilots' Wives Association

Bella Oberhansley, FEFH Liaison, FedEx Pilots' Wives Association

Randi TaylorMemphis Food & Wine Volunteers, Manager, FedEx Services

LaDona TeagueGrassroots Fundraising, Western Division Senior Manager Analysis, FedEx Freight

Lisa VinsonGolf Tournament Co-Chair, Vice President Administration, FedEx Express

Steve WilsonGrassroots Fundraising, Senior Manager Central Region AGFS, FedEx Express

Rena Zellander, Vice President, FedEx Retiree Club