Make A Donation

It takes a community of people to make FedExFamilyHouse a home. We are grateful for the many groups who have made a long-term commitment to serving our families. 

FedEx Cares Teams

FedEx Corporation’s employees team up through the FedEx Cares program to support FedExFamilyHouse on a regular basis. Employees have donated thousands of purple bags filled with snacks and food for the family pantries. The recyclable purple bags are refilled with toiletries and gifts given to families when they check into the house. Many FedEx Cares teams also cook meals for families, stock the pantry, clean up toys and cubbies or bake cookies in the afternoon.

FedEx Pilots' Wives Association

FedEx Pilots' Wives Association (FEPWA) is a social and charitable organization open to all pilots’ wives, female pilots, retired pilots’ wives and widows of pilots. The group decorates FedExFamilyHouse for Christmas every year with incredible splendor and has provided more than $150,000 in financial support since FedExFamilyHouse opened.

FedEx Employees Credit Association

FedEx Employees Credit Association (FECA) provides a wide variety of financial services to thousands of members across the U.S. and financially supports FedExFamilyHouse. Their employees regularly volunteer at the house as well. FECA also is also participates in Credit Unions for Kids, a Children's Miracle Network program that locally support Le Bonheur Children's Hospital.

Panera Bread & BlueRidge Bread Company

Panera Bread and BlueRidge Bread Company is a generous supporter of the house. Every Thursday night, Panera delivers bread, pastries, bagels and bakery items not sold that day. Our families enjoy the treats for breakfast and sandwiches the next day. Panera Bread in Germantown provides a meal once a month for our families. The Mid-South regional Panera locations support FedExFamilyHouse through “Change for Children” during the holidays.

FedEx Retiree Club

The Federal Express Retiree Club is an organization sanctioned by Federal Express Corporation for the benefit of its retired employees. Many of the members volunteer at FedExFamilyHouse special events.

FedEx Pilots Charitable Fund

The FedEx Pilots Charitable Fund has provided hundreds of toys and gifts to FedExFamilyHouse since 2013.  It also supports family events during the holidays and year-round with financial gifts. 

Ona – Atlanta

Two young entrepreneurs who grew up in Memphis and are a part of the FedEx family are committed to giving back to their community, even though they live in Atlanta. Each month, Sarah and Jenny of Ona Atlanta send a box with luxury items to help pamper the families. Thanks to their generosity and support, family welcome bags stay full with goodies for the parents of sick children treated at Le Bonheur.