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Volunteer Opportunities

FedExFamilyHouse volunteers are an important part of the healing community at Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital. As a volunteer, you are investing in the lives of families whose children are facing serious illnesses by helping create a home away from home for them in a time of need.

We have many ways you can serve these wonderful families.   


Fill the Pantry

Lend a hand, give from your heart and help stock FedExFamilyHouse! 

We have common pantries that families share for meals and snacks. We love the pantries to be filled with food, snacks and beverages to make life away from home a little bit better.

There's also a need for household items, including cleaning supplies, hygiene products, bedding items, etc.

For a specific list of items needed, click here for our Pantry Needs, then call Brittany Adams at 901-347-6462 to schedule a drop off date and find out what needs are currently critical at FedExFamilyHouse.

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Family Meals - This is a big need!

The kitchen is the heart of the home, and there’s nothing better than a home cooked meal to make families feel better. You and/or your group can donate, prepare and serve breakfast, lunch or dinner.

One valuable resource our families love to have is a grab and go Sack Lunch prepared by groups and put in the community refrigerators. This way a mom or dad will be sure to have a good meal especially if they cannot leave their childs bedside.  Click on this Sack Lunch Flyer for detailed information!

Dinner is the time to sit down together and share what happened in your day with your family. At FedExFamilyHouse we encourage that in our four communal kitchens. Your group can bring and prepare a meal for our guests. After an exhausting day at the hospital with their sick child the last thing parents want to do is cook, so bring your group and serve up a nutricious, comforting meal. It is a great team bonding experience too! Click on this Family Meals Guidelines for further information. Come on down today! 

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Grab and Go Treats

Families love this one!  Imagine the aroma of fresh baked cookies when you come in from a long day at the hospital.  You can bake homemade or pre-prepared cookies or snacks in our kitchen and bag them individually for families.   Such a wonderful treat to take with them or enjoy in the dining room.  

Such an excellent team-building project for co-workers, churches and community supporters!  Click on Grab and Go Treats for detailed information.

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Pack a Welcome Bag

When families check-in to FedExFamilyHouse, we like to give them a welcome bag full of personal items/toiletries they may have forgotten in their rush to get to the hospital. Your group can bring items and pack as many bags as you want. 

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Holiday Decorations

We want FedExFamilyHouse to feel like home, and holiday decorations can lift people’s spirits. Your group can be creative and decorate the House for holidays like Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Memorial Day, July 4th, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. 

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Host an Activity

You can host an activity that is family-friendly, like movie or game night, manicures, scrapbooking, etc.… any special skill or talent you have that might serve the needs of the families.  

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Around the House Volunteers

This opportunity is for individuals who want to be a consistent part of the FedExFamilyHouse community. You will sort donations,stock the pantry, handle deliveries, clean and disinfect toys, perform clerical/administrative tasks, serve as a family kitchen helper and help with whatever is needed around the house.

We are in need of people now! Please contact us today!

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FedExFamilyHouse Special Events

We often need individuals to help with special events like open houses, spring cleaning days, etc. Events will be posted on our website and our Facebook page. Be sure to “like” us if you are a Facebook member.  

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